A Mere Cricket Club Scorer

Although I played a lot of football, and was a decent athlete, (regular Wandsworth and South London sprint and long-jump representative), Cricket was always my first sporting love as a youngster; and decades later, it remains so. Aside from being a member, and 1st XI scorer at Sutton CC, I maintain a membership at Surrey CCC, and hold season tickets at Chelsea and Sutton United football clubs.

A scorer has four duties which are laid down in Law FOUR of the Laws of Cricket.  

These are:

1. Accept: The Scorer may on occasion believe a signal to be incorrect but you must always accept and record the Umpire signals as given. Remember you as Scorers are part of a team of four and you must work together with the Umpires.

2. Acknowledge: Clearly and promptly acknowledge all Umpires’ signals – if necessary, wave a white card or paper if the Umpires find it hard to see you. Confer with Umpires at intervals about doubtful points.

3. Record: Always write neatly and clearly.

4. Check: Do this frequently.  Emphasis on the importance of frequent checking with your fellow scorer and frequent balancing of your book.

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